Monday, March 21, 2011

♥ Embracing Ellie ♥

19 Days until Ellie Goulding's live show at Venue and already I cannot listen to anything else. Finally, one of my favourite Brit artists on my home turf! This will also be my first time seeing her with her live background vocalists. (Her pre-recorded backing vocals used to always throw me off!)

Ellie Goulding - Live at  Heaven - April 15th, 2010
With the re-release of her debut album, Bright Lights come my 3 favourite songs: Your Song, Human, and Lights. It's been over a year since Goulding has been tipped by BBC as the sound of 2010 and she continues to gain momentum. Sometimes being critically acclaimed can backfire, as did in her case. Most music loyalists were afraid of yet another fit blond girl, singing catchy songs. The key to Goulding's growth is her repeated reference to her days songwriting in her pajamas before her record deal. It reminds us of her raw and humble beginnings and as a result, we can relate to her.

Watching her perform also reminds me of how out of shape I am! Goulding was sponsored by Nike last year during her UK tour, during which she did runs around the cities she was performing in with fans. I of course, entered to win the chance, failed to win, but was glad in the end as I am sure I would not have kept up along the Thames of London! I always watch in awe when she bangs away at her drums or strums heavily on her guitar. That girl is fit!

Ellie Goulding - Brighton Great Escape Festival - May 15th, 2010

From a fashion standpoint, I'm fairly sure Goulding has paved the return of shorts with tights. Her most notable tights have been the House of Holland 'London' tights (which I coveted so badly but settled for the knee-suspender tights). Tights are something I LOVE ... and why I love Fall/Winter so much just so I can wear them everyday!

So where does Goulding go from here?  If her recent collaboration with Tinie Tempah on Wonderman is any indication, she is destined to capture the attention of many genres of listeners. She is ultimately pop, yet so cool in hip hop and when stripped down to just her and her guitar, she is bordering on folk. I am upset even thinking about missing the UK Festival season this summer but there will be many more. And trust me, I will make up for it ;)

And in her fabulous London tights at the London Hammersmith Apollo:

♥ ♥ ♥

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