Monday, January 10, 2011

A Year Ago Today - January 10, 2010

Winding down my time in London (only to be back in March), Darren and I headed to one of our favourite restaurants in London: St. John Bar and Restaurant SMITHFIELD

26 St. John Street
(1 Michelin Star)

If you like game like us, you will love this nose-to-tail eating establishment. Fresh sheet everyday, baked goods made on premises. You MUST try the madeleines!

Chorizo and snails; Welsh Rarebit; Chard
Outside, we bumped into our good friend Emma! What are the chances in a large city such as London.
P.S. We have a slice of chocolate cake in the bag for takeaway :)

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Emma Olmi said...

I remember this so well

I miss you kATHERINE!!!!!

And so weird we met randomly ahahhaa I remember I even screamed AHAHAHAH