Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Current Read - Hello Dubai

Continuing on my non-fiction phase (one which has lasted over 3 years), I am halfway through Hello Dubai by Joe Bennett.  Anyone who has ever watched a movie with me knows that I struggle with things that do not make sense. I always want to know "why" and "how"? This also applies to books. Don't get me wrong, I love fiction as well but for now, I am far too curious to want anything other than non-fiction. Told in first-person, this book uncovers the story of Dubai in a casual, raw and honest way.

Boom town, modern marvel, commercial hub, where middle-east meets wealthy west, playground for tourists, crawling with ex-pats, built by Indians, owned by Arabs, Dubai has risen from next to nothing to an awful lot in little more than thirty years. How? And can it go on? Has it sold itself to the corporate dollar? Is it anything more than a mall in the desert? Will the sands return? Joe Bennett goes to find out. (From Simon & Schuster UK)

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Erin Dawn said...

I'd love to visit Dubai one's defintiely intriguing!

(PS...glad you liked my post! I live in Edmonton and only dream of moving to a different country...maybe one day!)