Sunday, May 30, 2010

EP!C Weekend Ending in Overdose of Junk Food ...

On Friday, Mauri and I took a leisurely stroll to the New Vancouver Convention Centre to check out the EP!C Sustainabilty Expo. During the Olympics, this building was closed off to the public and it was our first time inside. What an amazing building!

This is what greeted us from above as we walked in:

Specifically, we aimed to check out the Fashion Marketplace as Anita was involved in its organisation. It was also an opportunity to see if Vancouver's sustainable fashion industry has grown since my last exposure to it during my final year at Kwantlen. At that time, designers were beginning to explore the eco-market more in-depth, coinciding with an increase in the availability of eco fabrics such as bamboo, soy and organic cottons. Despite only highlighting a handful of designers, the Fashion Marketplace runway show brought to light the existence of eco-friendly wearables to a primarly non-fashion crowd. Education is the first step to making an informed choice.

Dahlia Drive - An eclectic Vancouver based label designed by Wendy Van Riesen.

Arte Filum (my favourite piece from the show) - A Fairtrade company focused on connecting the art and culture of south America with the rest of the world.

Vancouver fashion will always have a casual flair as people have a need for functional clothing with all the outdoor activities this city offers. Although I respect this need for functionality, I hope to see more designers bridging the gap between function and fashion. I am a firm believer yoga pants belong in a yoga studio (or at least worn en route to yoga). Even if the rain pours down relentlessly, Fashionistas should be given more upbeat options than a hooded waterproof parka. I'm just sayin ...

On a side note, we came across this interesting building one block up from the Vancouver Convention Centre. I can't remember which hotel it is. I commend the design for being somewhat bold amidst all the characterless high rises going up around the Lower Mainland. What I can't decide is whether I prefer this phrase repeated on the building or if a poem or prose would look better. I suppose it can be a bit tricky picking exactly what is said, maybe it was better to stick with one idea. Who knows?

Oh I should mention how junk food factored into this weekend that started oh-so-healthily at the EP!C Fair. Mauri and I tried everything from Hemp chocolate milk to gluten-free children's snack bars. We concluded that all health foods have this funky aftertaste that just screams "I am made from the Earth!". I enjoyed the hemp milk but wouldn't buy it if it came down to that and regular full fat chocolate milk. You just can't mess with the original! Another product I was skeptical about was beeswax treated reusable food storage bags. The vendor assured us our food wouldn't get the wax smell and that a quick wash was all it needed between uses. It's not so much the idea I'm against. It's the fact that I really like my Tupperware!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I spent all of Sunday working on the set of a short 3D film called Defending Maldito doing wardrobe. I passed the time, as you do whenever you're on set, by eating. A quick tally of what I consumed in a bit over 12 hours: 3 cans of Coke, 2 bags of Cheetos (NOT called Whats Its!), a pot of instant noodles, many glasses of mocha flavoured protein shake, 3 cups of coffee, loads of veggies and dip, sushi and 3 slices of pizza. Not too bad! This is why I work behind the scenes :)

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