Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obakki Fall/Winter 2010/11 Presentation - May 27, 2010

My first foray back into the Vancouver fashion scene came in the form of a fashion show on Thursday night at Obakki . I always have a camera with me, as I often find beauty and excitement in everyday things. (That and the fact I am one of a handful left without an iPhone or any phone capable of photos ...) On my way to Carlie's today, I specifically removed the camera from my bag, thinking, "I'm not going to go anywhere interesting today". I was blatantly wrong!

So not only was I electronically not prepared, I was physically not prepared. I didn't hear about the show until just before, so despite my better judgement (didn't want to go sans heels!), we arrived at an Obakki teeming with Vancouver's fashionistas. It was a bit intimidating to be back on the scene so soon. Wearing flats and a Primarni special (you Brits will know what I mean!) was not the look I wanted when meeting fashionistas for the first time. So today, I took a step back and played observer.

Despite it being a fairly balmy night, the inside of Obakki evoked a feeling of being caught outside on a hot Vancouver day wearing a merino jumper. Trust me, I've done it. The perfect fix? Lavender Dry Soda. Comes in 6 other flavours, and as pointed out by Carlie, each flavour is 70 calories or less. Totally west-coast appropriate then!

Highlights of Obakki's Fall/Winter 2010/11 presentation (images from the LookBook):

Look 1: Draped asymmetrical sweater dress (100% wool); Wool Scarf (75% alpaca, 13% wool, 12% nylon) - Ombre effect on the sweater is stunning and effortlessly chic.

Look 2: A-line double breasted trench coat (85% viscose, 14% fleece wool, 1% elastodiene); Single seam tee (50% cotton, 50% nylon); Draped trouser with cuff (88% viscose, 12% silk) - Didn't get a chance to feel this trench but am curious to see how the fleece wool and elastodiene feels. Elastodiene adds a subtle sheen.

Look 3: Button front cropped capelet (100% sequined silk), Single seam tee (as before); Cuffed trouser (98% cotton, 2% elastodiene)

Look 4: Short sleeve button front shirt (100% cotton), Denim style pant with suede detailing (stretch leather) - The most classy substitution for leggings.

Look 5: Funnel neck sweater (75% alpaca, 13% wool, 12% nylon); Cropped pant with quilted panel (stretch leather)

Look 6: Maxi dress (100% cotton with stretch leather) - A shorter version was also shown.

Obakki infuses a classy elegance into relaxed Westcoast style dressing. A breath of fresh air without having to hike The Chief ...

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