Monday, December 13, 2010

Matt Cardle wins X Factor UK 2010

I never thought the day would come when I blogged about X Factor, but here it is! The show has always been my guilty pleasure and I try my best to pull others in. (Best way I have found is with beer, tea and/or a combination of both with fresh baked goods!). Last year, we had friends around on Sunday nights to watch X Factor. As it is most Brits' guilty pleasure, we gathered everyone around under the pretense of a "catch-up session" but everyone knew it was for the Sunday night vote-off!

My favourite performance by far this year was Matt Cardle's duet with Rihanna. I most often vote for the underdog; even better if the underdog is cute, plays a guitar and sings! Watch the video below and if you don't squeal like an excited teenage girl at the sound of the words "Justin Beiber", then I don't know if you appreciate how truly awesome this duet was!

Although Travis was the first to popularize the "manly" version of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time, it is Matt Cardle who does it better justice. OK, maybe I'm a bit biased because A) I'm a Britney fan and B) I love Matt Cardle.

Hopefully the same time next year, Matt Cardle will still be around and making great music. I didn't have the same well wishes for last year's winner Joe McElderry so you all know I'm serious this time!

Best of luck to him xx

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