Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Pot Heaven

     Thanks to my "girls", I had the most amazing meal on Friday night! When I was asked to come around to hang out, I assumed we were going to order takeaway. I already had my stomach set on some sushi, possibly even some pizza! Good thing I wasn't fashionably late because as soon as I walked through the door, dinner was served! And by dinner, I mean a hot pot with the most luscious array of ingredients fit for princesses like us!

     I kept gasping in excitement as the "girls" brought forth one surprising dish after another. Highlights included fresh lobster (which David thinks he killed humanely), fresh oysters, sea cucumber, cuttlefish paste, cuttlefish, chanterelle mushrooms, fish balls, lamb fillets, beef slices, a seafood mix with clams and mussels and loads of assorted veggies. My favourite was definitely the lobster brains and cuttlefish paste. The sea cucumber, I was not a massive fan.

     I still can't stop thinking about that meal. I only wished I had a second stomach that night to eat all the leftover bits we couldn't finish!

Lobster brains:

Thanks for a wonderful night :)

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Talli Roland said...

You've made me start drooling!