Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Temper Trap - Live @ The Commodore June 1, 2010

A typical gig at The Commodore consists of long queues at the bar, dancing on a great bouncy floor and of course, the smell of weed when the headliner comes on. What's odd is, people light up not a second before the band plays its first chord. Then as if the smell of Vancouver wafting up onto the stage was an appropriate welcoming gesture, the room is filled with antsy blokes trying to "blend in". The dude beside me had obviously not seen any war movies. He didn't have the soldier smoking method down and I was sure he'd get busted. But alas, maybe even the bouncers were so entranced by The Temper Trap, they all became Aussies for one night and didn't give a shit ... just wanted to have a good time ;)

This is the fourth time I've seen The Temper Trap. The other times were all in London: Gibson Guitar Studio (Samsung Bebo Nights), Dingwalls and Field Day. Thanks to Russell Fawcus, we were able to get an overseas hook-up with free tickets for the night! He's been in Australia working with TTT on tracks for their second album. He's also worked on the Wild Beasts record Two Dancers which is simply amazing so everyone should give that a listen as well.

I didn't make it in time for the local opening act Elizabeth. I'm all for giving new bands a fair listen but judging from their last song, people were politely listening but waiting for TTT. Bless them ...

From the darkness, TTT emerged with a long melodic intro which warmed up the crowd better than Elizabeth. Given that most people in attendance were Aussies or knew TTT from their lead singles off Conditions, the intro wasn't so much a warm-up but more like a tease! Finally the band erupted into Rest with its undeniable hook. Dougie Mandagi adds a sharp soulfulness. His bassist added a blonde bun and a wicked polka dot shirt. But I kid! TTT created an energy in a usually chilled-out Vancouver crowd that I have never experienced before. People clapped along, people cheered, people longed for more! I finally didn't feel like an idiot singing loudly and dancing to my favourite songs: Down River, Sweet Disposition and Drum Song. Oh soz, I loved it all!

Vancouver setlist (includes new song):

Down River
Love Lost
Soldier On
Sweet Disposition
Drum Song
Rabbit Hole
Science of Fear

What sets TTT apart from a lot of man-fronted rock bands now is their unforgettable melodies. Some may cringe when I say its even almost pop, but there's nothing wrong with being "popular". With songs placed strategically in TV shows and adverts around the world, the band is gently creeping into our consciousness. I genuinely hope these guys do well. And I'm glad to dance happily and go along for the ride!

I've been having a few camera issues lately (i.e. I left my good one in London with the bf), so excuse the poor quality of this photo. I've stuck in photos from previous gig for good measure :)

Me and the CAN of wine that made me really really ill:

Two photos from the intimate show at Gibson Guitar Studio (July 2009):

Click here for an old review for the Samsung Bebo Nights gig. Yes I am on Bebo, but no I don't use it. I had to post my review on there since Bebo was the sponsor and they had me go cover the event ;)

And one from Field Day (August 2009):

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Cheers for the heads up on the set list Kath! Much appreciated.

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