Friday, June 18, 2010

A Typical Day of an Unemployed Woman

     At 10:55am, Brenda and I tried the doors to the Yaletown Milestones but to no avail. Once again, just like in Victoria, we were a bit too eager to order their luscious prime rib hash! Bang on 11am, the hostess unlocked the doors (super slow just to torture us). Runny poached eggs, perfect bite-sized pieces of prime rib and plenty of hollandaise sauce; you are my weakness!

     With a full tummy and visions of the next prime rib hash floating happily in my mind, I headed down the street to Skoah at 1011 Hamilton Street. I received a voucher for a free sweet skin facial ($35) from the Obakki fashion show goody bag. I opted not to upgrade because I am a firm believer that if something is meant to be free, it should be free!
      I never really understood how women can afford to go to facials every 6-8 weeks as recommended by the spas. Sure, if you have the money, it's a great way to relax and get pampered. Yet a lot of the creams and things applied during the treatment can be done at home. Personally I can't justify spending $75-100 every two months so someone can massage my face with sweet sweet lotions! But to each their own.
     Overall, I would rate Skoah slightly above average. The rooms and treatment were standard. Their products (natural and alcohol free) smelled wonderful and I'm sure with commitment, would do wonders for my skin. I was shamed for not using a toner (balances out the pH in your skin after striping everything off with the cleanser) and not wearing SPF. The last bit I understand! Maybe I should have horrified the lady and told her that I actually don't even wash my face before bed or take off my makeup.
     The downfall was that throughout my entire 20min facial, the facialist just kept pushing their products. She crossed the line between educating the client to making one feel a bit obligated. I also felt like she thought I was there just to take advantage of a free offer. Fair enough but that's what the vouchers are for!
    Funnily after my rant, not only did I come out with a $20 toner I didn't need but I was a hair shy of succumbing to their re-booking offer. If you book a treatment $75 within 8 weeks, you get $10 towards product or $100 and $20 respectively. Not too bad! Honestly though, I love my drugstore Organic Surge products from Boots. Rachel and I scored a whole bunch of their products during a promo they did involving a girls night out and SATC at a cinema near Baker Street. They GAVE me the products and it left me wanting more!
     Despite my mediocre experience, I would recommend this spa based on its atmosphere and professionalism. Maybe if you actually drop some hard cash, they will treat you what you are worth ... Sorry, do I sound bitter? Oh yah, I had to clear space in my bathroom for my Tonik and I didn't even need it in the first place!

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